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Sometimes things happen by chance and turn out to be the answer to a question, or the solution to a problem.

I had been wondering how I could help more people, especially those on a limited budget.  There is still a great resistance to paying for a professional organiser to help with clutter when certain that it is something that we are perfectly able to do for ourselves. ‘I should be able to do this’ is a statement I often hear.

but does it get done?

Often it doesn’t get done, possibly because it’s an unappealing task that takes time, can be emotional and may not be urgent.  And then it goes down to the bottom of a long list of other more important things to achieve in a day, week, month or year.  Until suddenly the need to take action becomes more urgent.  Perhaps relatives are coming to stay for the Easter holidays, and I will need to clear out the spare room which has been a dumping ground for things that ‘one day‘ may come in handy.

Here is an answer!

I received a phone call from someone who lives outside of my local area and was asked if I would agree to be an accountability partner to them.  Because things had gotten on top them, over a period of illness and loss of a loved one, however recovering now and ready to start clearing and make home more efficient and comfortable.

This person knew exactly what they wanted to achieve, as is often the case, they also knew that they would be more motivated to achieve it, if able to account to someone on a regular basis, and so we began.

We agreed a batch of 3 phone calls (of ½ an hour) with several days in between and set out the plan.

Each time we speak, we discuss what was achieved, work out any stumbling blocks, some tips and subtle tricks to help keep focus, and then we set out a plan for the next few days until speaking again.

This works really well when there is a specific task to achieve or there is a dead-line, by exploring ideas and beginning a process that may otherwise have remained on the list of “one day I’ll do that…”

The reason for a mentor, accountability partner…

Isn’t this what we do when we want to lose weight – because often results are better achieved by attending weight watchers or slimming world, accountability and ideas, tips and tricks.

On my own journey with Toastmasters, I have a mentor, who is also my accountability partner, to keep me moving forwards, have I prepared my next speech? Do I need any help to get started?  along with tips of better presentation and tricks on how to perform it better through non-verbal communication.

My offer to you

Getting rid of clutter will definitely help you to feel lighter, and I am offering this service to get you started on a project you’ve been meaning to begin. 

For now, as a pilot, I’m calling the process ‘Clutter Watch’ and offering it for £30 for 3 x ½hr sessions (time and days mutually agreed at the start) spread over, no more than, 3 weeks. I’ve learned that any more than 3 weeks, the process becomes counterproductive and procrastination begins to creep back in.

Book an appointment
Lets get that project started

Why not give it a try and see if it makes a difference.  I look forward to hear from you.

Warm wishes Lorraine

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