Dying Matters – awareness week

Every year in May, Dying Matters and its coalition members host an Awareness Week. This gives an unparalleled opportunity to place the importance of talking about dying, death and bereavement firmly on the national agenda. In 2019, Awareness Week dates are 13th – 20th May 2019

This year, the topic is ‘Are we ready?’

Can we ever be ready?

In the case of our aging parents and relatives, there are certain things we can consider, we can set up ‘Lasting Power Of Attorney’ for both health and finances.

It saves a great deal of stress and anxiety to have this set up while we can talk with our parents about their wishes, and give them confidence that we will handle their affairs, if necessary, when they are no longer able to.

LPOA and simplify

Health and Finance

It is also an opportunity to help them make better decisions on their expenditure.  When I looked at my mums, for example, she had several insurances that were basically for the same thing, and some of them were very expensive for the ‘peace of mind’ they ought to provide.  Utilities are another example, so often now, this all happens on-line, and they may not even know they are paying a higher rate than necessary. 

Because so often one parent is left, and they may have never dealt with the financials before, it’s hard for them to learn it at a late stage in life, whilst grieving and trying to adapt to life on their own. 

Please think about offering your help, de-clutter and simplify their paperwork and outgoings.  Because if you don’t consider it now, you may find yourself trying to make sense of it all without them.

For example:-

A recent client of mine received a lorry load, of her parent’s paperwork (boxes and folders in Plastic drawers) of some 30 years, whilst both her parents were urgently taken into care.  It was very humbling to work with her to sort through it all, because as we discovered various bank accounts and share certificates dating back to the 1980s, which we had no way of knowing if they had been cashed in, it felt as though we were gaining a snapshot of their lives – and amongst the finances we found old family photos, diaries, photocopies of emails and letters.

Let’s get together and plan

So, are we ready?  A good starting point would be to plan a family meeting and talk things through.

Go to:- https://www.dyingmatters.org – to find out more information.

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