Easter weekend

For those who are able to continue working and have had to adapt their homes to become a temporary workspace, perhaps if you don’t have a spare room, it could be the dining table or dressing table in the bedroom – whichever corner of the room, it will no doubt be compromising ‘normal’ living activities.

This holiday weekend, consider packing work things away for the duration.  Perhaps you could pack it into a suitcase, clear the zoom calls and put it all on hold until the working week begins again. 

You deserve to rest and catch up with family members, either if they are living with you, or by video chats and telephone conversations.   Looking after yourself is also helping your own immune system.

It’s an opportunity to resume to normal eating at the dining table again and relaxing back into the space that was home, before it became work/home. 

If workspace is still in situ, not only is there that temptation to dip in and just prepare that email or rota, but also it will be looking back at you as a reminder of what is to be done.  Home must now become holiday home.

Let it go away and bring out the fun things, creative things you’ve been meaning to do, read a book or plan next year’s holidays. 

creative clearing

Whilst clearing out one of my cupboards I found some knitting that I started eons ago, perhaps I’ll have another go at it.

Whatever you find to do, keep safe and stay well.

Happy Easter weekend to one and all.

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