Harmonise goes to IKEA

It’s a big place

Last week, with some free time, we took the decision to go to IKEA near Exeter – 

a) To get some ideas for a client’s larder and b) for a general look around at different storage options and ideas.

Firstly I was a little surprised by the size of the place, as we drove into the car park.  My next surprise came, when we entered through the large revolving door.  I had an intense feeling of being at the departure lounge of an airport, (has anyone else had that feeling?) slightly disorientated and excited at this thought, I realised I wasn’t dragging my suitcase along, and even as we stepped onto the elevators up to the IKEA showrooms, it took a few minutes to quell my jittery tummy of wonderment.

There was an abundance of ideas and solutions, to suit various budgets, on how to organise your things, how to make your space look neat.  Although I recommend, before purchasing even a £1.50 drawer divider, two things are essential.  First you need to have taken measurements of the drawer, and secondly, but most importantly, you need to have de-cluttered.

This could save you money in the end; the drawer divider may not fit your drawer…. You may make different storage choices with less ‘stuff’.

Having too many things, no matter how well organised can still FEEL like overwhelm, it can feel heavy and uncomfortable and you can spend a lot of time, organising and re-organising, with all these wonderful ideas on offer.  The bottom line is to streamline what you have first of all; gift to people less fortunate, donate or recycle – giving those things a new lease of life. 

And then organising the remainder is more fun, giving these items a use and purpose.  There is a shift in the energy and vibration, without those possible hidden underlying feelings, of shame and guilt, at having too much stuff that isn’t really needed or wanted (even if it is stored beautifully, out of sight).

So many ideas
for everything

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