How much do you need to do this?

Whilst talking to someone at a ‘well-being’ festival on Sunday, I was confronted with the truth of our priorities.  As is often the case when I explain what I do, there were exclamations of “Oh I really need you!”

And they told me about their spare room, how they would like to sell things on gumtree, clear a space and sort out the remainder.

I was then asked if I would do this for free!

How many of us can work for free; Because not only do we have our own bills to pay but there has to be an exchange. I have committed to provide a good service by joining a professional body APDO (Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers). With training, insurance, a CRB check, qualifications and experience, I really would like to think there is value in the service I provide.

However, I have become very used to this kind of comment; I believe it comes from our mind, telling us how easy it ‘should’ be, and that we also believe we ‘should’ be able to accomplish this, with a little time and effort.  Why pay someone for something that we are perfectly capable of doing ourselves.  And so the situation continues, because people are busy.  Clearing and sorting has a low priority, unless a reason presents itself.

At what cost?

What if the mind were to consider the cost of allowing the clutter to grow in a space that could have better use, that spare room could be bringing in rent from a foreign student, or create a snug for some ‘me time’.  It could be made into a treatment room for your business.  The options are many and you could even consider if you downsize, would you be free of a mortgage. 

Many treasures could unfold from the clutter, things long forgotten.  Whilst helping to sort paperwork for a client, we found a selection of commemorative coins, a sheet of postage stamps, old share certificates and a batch of old style premium bonds.  In clearing handbags, I’ve found substantial amounts of cash, old notes that could be exchanged at the bank.  Another popular find is Gift cards, which of course can be sold on to companies, such as

Aside from these obvious benefits, it is clear that we don’t realise how much our mind is caught up in that almost nagging thought, “at some time we have to….”   The thought hangs there waiting to remind us, it is taking up a part of our mind that could be freed up.  Because when we create the space in our home, we create that space in our mind, we feel lighter, lifted, and clearer. New options and possibilities come out into the light.  There is a total shift in energy and home feels calmer.

The Kaizen Way

Despite the usual barriers to getting started, such as finding time, setting up a selling forum, to earn money, paying for professional help, or just feeling so overwhelmed by the prospect –

What one thing could you do today, to begin the process for change?

Taking small steps, the Kaizen way, (using very small steps to improve a habit, a process, or a product) is the very best way to begin.

Please let me know in the comments below, let’s share our ideas and create a wave…

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