Is clutter crushing your creativity?

These last few months I have been fortunate enough to work with some really creative people, besides which has highlighted why I love my job so much. 

craft room

I’ve been inspired to be involved in the steps that were taken to achieve that place of a creative workspace.  A sewing craft space in the guest room and the beginnings of a mini workshop in the garage formerly places of storage and clutter, gathered over the years.

I’ve been able to hold those ideas and visions carefully, to guide, assist physically and keep motivation going, through those life circumstances that often cause us to stop or put that vision on hold once more.

Whatever we create, we need a space to do it, both in our mind and most often, a physical space.

Because otherwise it can be too difficult to get creative momentum, as you look through boxes of material, searching and unpacking, attempting to keep things tidy as you go.

If the area you are using has a multi-purpose, you’ll likely have to pack everything away again within a certain time frame. 

Creative minds are rarely tidy! (John William Gardner)

Without that outlet for our imagination and creativity, which can be easily written off by friends and family who don’t share or understand those ideas of creation, life can lose its colour and vibrancy.  This is a part of who we are and our own unique way of expression, after all.

We each have our own gift to share

I like to create through writing, therefore I can be found writing in journals, notebooks, diaries, gratitude journals, dream journals and even doodling with words. 

In fact I have just let go of the last ten years’ worth.  I was hoping to make a little fire and burn them, ceremonial style, but actually there were too many, and would have likely caused a shout to the fire brigade.  I spent a whole weekend shredding them instead. 

It’s time for a new chapter of journals without the energy of those old ones cluttering my own space and mind.  Shifting things and energy is an on-going process for us all.

Thinking back to when I was writing my book in 2008, there was no quiet space to go and spread out my ideas, and pictures.  It became so frustrating to plan and write the next section. 

The answer finally came in the form of a garden shed.  I was so lucky to have it built, insulated and electricity installed, along with a desk, and some shelves.  I could pin pictures to the walls.  Most importantly I had a place to go and I could leave things spread out, ready to get stuck in as soon as the next opportunity arose.  It was my little haven of creative space, and just like going on a mini retreat with birds chirping and trees rustling all around me.

writing place
be creative in your shed
Creative space to write
Writing space

Is there something that you want to create?

Do you want some help to create the vision?  Perhaps it hasn’t been easy to explore this with a relation or close friend, but within a professional relationship that holds no attachment to the outcome, you can express freely.

I would be happy to be that professional person, and look forward to hear about your ideas and how you can expand on them, make them real.

Warm wishes


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