March 2020

How are you passing time?  A question my brother asked via WhatsApp – he’s in Malaysia.

If you are finding this time a perfect opportunity to spring clean and get better organised, or need to find some organisation amongst working from home, school studies, and feeling claustrophobic, I plan to post a few tips over the next weeks.

Last evening I attended some virtual training via Zoom, for virtually helping people with their clutter and found it very similar to my recent post on ‘clutter watch’- to have regular half hour phone conversations, which of course can also take place via skype, zoom or WhatsApp.

If interested in giving it a go, please call and I will be happy to offer a free initial trial, for you see if it could help your situation.

My tip of the week for this week and in my view – Step One – is to make a designated place to store the things to be donated or recycled, (until charity shops and recycle centres re-open). 

This could be a garden shed, garage or outbuilding – bringing out summer toys or garden furniture early will leave the space for you to temporarily store bags/boxes.   If like me, you are in a flat, I am using my car boot for a temporary store.

Lets start….

When you begin to spring clean and sort, you will find those things you no longer want or need, and they take up precious space. 

Temporary store unwanted things

Have some bags or boxes to hand, and labels written in big letters saying DONATE and RECYCLE. 

When you are ready to box or bag those unwanted things, label them, and safely place out of the way in that designated space.

Having that done will offer some clarity, for you to re-organise what you do need.

Keep safe and well, best wishes


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