Release and Let go…

As I walked in the beautiful sunshine this morning, I was reminded of the lessons Mother Nature presents to us, on a daily basis, should we choose to notice.

The gusty wind was sweeping around me and golden leaves swirling on the current, enjoying the dance until they eventually covered the ground like a magical shifting carpet of many colours.

The carpet covered over the mud from previous rainfall and allowed me to walk in splendour.

natrual cycle of release and let go
Autumnal release

Perhaps the falling twigs and leaves make cosy nests for the creatures that are preparing to hibernate during the winter months ahead, and adding nutrients to the soil as it all turns to mulch.

What if?

What if we would let go of our ‘stuff’ in much the same way, when it becomes too heavy, becomes a burden and no longer of use for our purpose.

What if we could release it easily in the knowing that as we let go, those things move on to have a new purpose and help another to comfort or ease.

Nature shows us the perfectly natural cycle of flow and abundance, of letting go and release, of rest and recuperation, which allows for new buds and growth to take place.

A great metaphor to take with me on my next project, becasue I’m helping a family turn their spare room from store room (dumping room), back into a guest bedroom for friends to visit over Christmas.

Not only is the room refreshed with a new purpose and the things moving on to have a use again, but their friends will be able to spend quality time with them and all together they’re making memories to be cherished.

What could you be releasing this Autumn?

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