Those things with added value

One of the biggest barriers to start re-organising and letting go of things, is that some of those things have added value, we may have paid a great deal for them or they may hold a very dear memory that we cherish. It means there are difficult emotional decisions to make, and so often the whole project goes on hold.

If those things must go, it helps to know they are going to a good use or a new owner who can make good use of them.

Just recently I needed a suitcase for an upcoming trip, and when I reached for it, I found it was full of my dance costumes, beautiful costumes I no longer wear. 

One I’d brought back from a trip to Cairo, one was hand made by a very dear friend, no longer with us, others I’d bought or acquired and in my mind’s eye, could see the times I’d danced in them, at performances and haflas, with my fellow troupe members. 

That suitcase held ten years of treasured memories and those beautiful outfits were being kept hostage in a suitcase at the back of a cupboard (out of sight, out of mind).  I had a strong urge to release them and have them swish and turn, to be shown off by the performer and admired by the audience.

It’s been three years since my life came to a complete standstill due to a health problem, I had to give up many activities that I loved, and at that time I truly hoped that one day I would come back to this dance style.  However over the last 18 months as my health has improved, changes have come about and life seems to be on a very different track.  Rather than going back, I seem to be going forward.

Holding onto these dresses would seem like I was hanging on to the past memories with some kind of regret, and I had no intention to do that.  They were great times and so much fun, but I felt ready to let them go and it really helped to be able to take the outfits to the dance community that could wear them, adapt them and hopefully enjoy them.

Although it was a difficult decision there was some comfort in the knowledge that those outfits may be useful to someone else, and I feel freer for different options in my future dance choices, plus my suitcase is now empty for travel opportunities that come along.

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