Through the window

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change – Wayne Dyer

This statement is so true! and here is an example from Annie, who lives in a beautiful cottage with wide windowsills that were looking cluttered and unkempt. The plants were dying from lack of watering and leaves were dropping.

With so much to do, Annie hadn’t really noticed the windowsills. Today she decided that she would make a start with the one in the kitchen, she thought of it as another chore to get done.

However as Annie started to tend the plants and clean it up, she could see what a difference it made and felt so much better about it. Annie carried on tidying others around the house. She had realised, as she was doing this, that it wasn’t a chore at all, it was more about self-love and care.

Windowsill clutter
de-clutter windowsill

The photo above is my windowsill, but I think you get the idea…. 🏠☺️

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