What can be achieved with Life Coaching?

I would never have made the decision and taken the trip of a lifetime thirteen years ago, without some personal life coaching. 

Something I had wanted to do for years, to travel to far away destinations – not on a package holiday with limitations of seeing and fully being in the location.

I didn’t want to have to rely on someone else to take me (friends would say “one day you’ll meet a rich man to take you”).  I wanted to do this for myself, my way.  Travel solo.

From the coaching I realised, it wasn’t just about the money, being able to afford the trip; it was more about me, giving myself permission to do it.  I was so used to being the family ‘rock’ and now I could allow ‘time out’ just for me.  Be selfish.  Once I realised it really was OK to go away, for an extended period (almost one year), the ‘hows’ fell into place.

Life coaching
Life is a journey

On that trip every day was a new adventure and each minute savoured, things went wrong, which in some cases, brought about lasting friendships.  I hadn’t pre-booked accommodation or planned how I’d get around; decisions were made en-route.  I learnt how to trust my own intuition and instincts more than ever before. 

And so, seven countries visited and a year later I returned with a different outlook on life. Afterwards, because of some encouragement from friends, I wrote a book, using my trusty diary and Travel Blog.  This took 3 years to write and publish as a kindle book.

The road to a dream

And then I was en-route to take my own life coach diploma.

What are your dreams?

Often we can feel stuck, we may know what we would like, but wonder how and when would be the ‘best’ time (one day when I’ve….).  We speak of our plans so often that friends and family no longer hear us.

What if some personal life coaching could help you?  Because you have an opportunity to really focus, it helps to unravel the knots that are blocking your progress.  The smaller steps will reveal themselves, and so bring you closer to your end plan (goal).

Whether or not this involves clearing clutter and letting go of some things, I am currently offering 1 to 1 coaching at £30 an hour, either at your home, via Skype or we can meet at a mutually convenient place (because often the best transformations have taken shape through coaching in this relaxed manner).

I can offer this great price because I don’t have the overheads of a coaching practice room, although I can hire one if this is preferable, at an increased cost.

This is a chance for you to begin turning those plans into reality.  The time to begin is always NOW.  If this seems of interest to you, please give me a call for an initial conversation:- 

Lorraine (07773212916)


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