What is important to you?

At a public speaking event recently, we were asked to stand up at the front, introduce ourselves and answer a question. Each person was given a different question to speak about for 3-5 minutes. I was very nervous; this was a first for me.

My question to speak about was “What makes you smile?” such a lovely question to be given. I had to smile as I walked to the front, thinking fast of a commentary to give. I spoke about music, as music always brings a smile, even if you feel down in the dumps, music can lift you up. Wherever you go around the world, music can be found, music brings people together and it offers movement in dance. Dancing makes me smile too, and if I have chores to do around the house, I find it gets done quicker if I play music, I can forget I’m doing chores as I’m engrossed in the tunes. (A top tip for getting tidy, put some music on).

I have my own small music collection of CDs, some of which I bought whilst travelling – a memento of the music I would hear playing at those times.

What makes you smile??
Later when I reflected on my short speech, I pondered how I could have talked for hours on all the wonderful things in life that makes me smile.

The attendee I was sat beside was given his question. “What is your most treasured possession?”
Talk about synchronicity, we had only been talking about this very thing earlier, as we sat down and introduced ourselves. When I spoke of my work, he’d been quick to respond, saying he doesn’t hang onto things and if anything, quite the opposite and so I had actually asked him “what things were important to him?”

He told me then and was able to recap our conversation to the group, in his speech. He explained that if he had to leave his home in a hurry, the two things he would be sure to take were his laptop, in order that he could continue to work and his guitar, because this was his most expensive possession. Interestingly, they did not appear to be of any sentimental value. I would have expected the guitar to be a memory of places and people he’d played with or to.

So let me ask you, what would be your most treasured possession? And does it make you smile?
Would it be treasured for its monetary value, beauty, usefulness or treasured memories?

Deciding what things are most important and essential to us before we start to de-clutter, whether for downsizing or just to reduce our ‘stuff’, can be most helpful. It starts the thinking process and we can be sure of the things that we will keep.
My CD collection is a keeper, it is of no value and certainly would not appeal to anyone else, but it keeps me smiling.  Please let me know in the comments below, what will you keep?

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